Network Media Badges

Social media badges are some of the latest sharing tools developed. These can be placed over blog entries and in all of the marketing material shared over the social media but not necessarily only on the social media. These badges can be used in all marketing materials both,  printed and digital form. Add a pinch of excitement and novelty to your image by describing your business with the help of a creative, artistic badge.

Zenza Design badges are often overlooked as a unique and efficient marketing tool. In fact, Zenza Design badge marketing can yield a robust return on investment when properly applied.
Zenza Design understands the importance of this impression and designs Badges that maximize the effectiveness of any marketing message.

A beautiful multipurpose Badge, perfect for your next project and any brand identity. Clean, modern and fully customisable. Ideal for personal identity, professional branding, advertising, calling cards, launches, events, invites and more.

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